Millmerran’s Cultural Burnoffs

Toowoomba Regional Council’s (TRC) recent roadside burns in the Millmerran district have highlighted a successful partnership with Indigenous Rangers from the Bunya People’s Aboriginal Corporation (BPAC) and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.Toowoomba Region Mayor Paul Antonio said Council officers worked in conjunction with the Indigenous Rangers to plan a schedule of weed control roadside burns in early spring. “Fire mitigation work is a critical part of our land management and the association with the Indigenous Rangers at BPAC and other groups has enhanced our efforts to safeguard the environment and surrounding communities,” Mayor Antonio said.

“Council Rangers appreciated the willingness of the BPAC Rangers to share their extensive knowledge. Their understanding of fire is a deep-seated tradition in their culture and provided a great learning experience for everyone. While the cultural approach to burning can take longer, it is conducted in a way that destroys the fuel load on the ground without adversely affecting the surrounding environment, including the wildlife. This makes it a safer way to burn, while still reducing the fire risk.”

TRC Parks and Recreation Services portfolio leader Cr Tim McMahon said TRC and BPAC Rangers started preparations with an inspection of Millmerran area road reserves and stock routes in April 2021.
Cr McMahon said some of the areas were burned last year to control Harissa Cactus, Tiger Pear, Prickly Pear and Mother of Millions. “The initial inspection of the areas in the previous year’s burn showed it had worked well.

An inspection of the areas designated for this year’s proposed burns (Grieves Road Stock Route and along Lindenmayer Road) indicated that they would be suitable locations for burns,” Cr McMahon said.

“The Indigenous Rangers were impressed with the condition of the country and could see the benefits of continuing burns in the area to minimise weed infestations and reduce the fuel load in the undergrowth.”

Council notified adjoining landholders in advance about the roadside burns.

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